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Top 10 Fitness Tips

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working out with barbells

Getting in shape and maintaining your fitness can feel like a lot of hard work – especially given the busy lives that we all seem to lead these days. But it is clear that regular exercise is essential to not only look good but also to feel good and maintain our health. In this article we take a look at ten fitness tips that might help you reach your fitness goals.

1. Keep it short and sharp

One of the big barriers to doing exercise is that we feel that we never have enough time. But you can do a great work-out in the gym in just thirty minutes. A short, intense work-out in the gym, three times a week, will have enormous fitness benefits for you and will be easy to fit in your schedule.

2. It is all about your diet

It doesn’t matter how much exercise you are doing, if you are still eating the wrong foods you are pretty much wasting your time. Ensure you are eating a balanced diet of fresh, unprocessed foods.

3. Variety is the spice of life

Mix it up a little to keep it interesting. If you are just doing the same things every day you will quickly get bored and find excuses not to do it. Try different exercises, go for a jog, go for a swim, do different things so that no one day of exercise is the same.

4. Find a sport

A great way of keeping fit is to play a sport. Team sports can be a lot of fun and have great social benefits at as well as fitness benefits.

5. Try a fitness holiday

Combine fitness with travel – fitness holidays are a great way to maintain your focus on a healthy lifestyle while experiencing something new and different.

6. Exercise with a friend

Having a fiend to exercise with is a great motivation as it ensures that you won’t let each other down and it will make it more fun.

7. Set clear goals

You need to be able to see progress in your exercise – if you just feel that you are going along and doing the same thing day in and day out with little to show for it, then it will get much harder for you to maintain your motivation. Whether you are training for an event or just setting yourself some target weights or measurements, tracking your progress will keep you focused.

8. Eat naked in front of a mirror

Honestly, this works. You can’t hold your stomach in for the entire meal – it’s guaranteed to make you skip dessert.

working out with barbells

9. Buy new clothes

Buying new clothes that are a bit more body conscious, a bit tighter, a bit sexier will definitely help keep you motivated.

10. Celebrate your success

When you hit your goals reward yourself with a treat – all of that hard work is worth here for more updates.

There is no magic solution when it comes to fitness – you have to make the effort and do the hard work, but the benefits are definitely worth it.

Your Body, Your Health

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healthy body

With today’s busy lifestyles we all need to make compromises, sometimes you just can’t do everything that you would like to do and you have to prioritize. All too often though, it seems that people are compromising on their health – not getting to the gym or exercising; not eating a balanced diet; drinking too much; smoking too much; letting themselves become depressed or run down.

The important thing to remember is that nothing is more important than your health – if you become unwell then you will not be able to do all of the other things that you think are so important. In this article we take a look at a few simple ways that you can prioritize your health, look after your body, and ensure that you remain at the top of your game.

Maintaining a balanced diet

There is a lot to enjoy about food, but the bottom line is that the food we eat is the fuel that our body needs to maintain health and function effectively. If you have a busy lifestyle it is very tempting to cut corners when it comes to food – eating processed or pre-prepared meals that may be convenient and tasting but are lacking the nutritional value that your body needs. You need to eat fresh food that balances protein and carbohydrates as well as delivering the nutrients that your body requires. Visit for taking a multi-vitamin supplement is also a good idea to help ensure you are not missing out on any essential vitamins.

Getting a good night’s sleep

Your body needs sleep in order to repair and recover. If you are stressed or taking too many stimulants (such as coffee) you may find that your sleep is being compromised. While most of us can cope with one night of bad sleep, if you are never getting a good night’s rest this is doing long term damage to your health and you need to find a way to break that cycle.

Getting plenty of exercise

Our modern lives are often quite sedentary. We sit at desks in the office. We drive cars everywhere that we need to go. Unless you are putting some time aside to exercise you may find that your body is quickly losing its muscle definition and cardiovascular fitness.

Getting to the gym and doing resistance based training at least three times per week is ideal, but if you can’t get to the gym then you need to find other alternatives in order to stay fit and get the exercise you need. Go for a jog, go for a swim, power walk instead of driving – whatever it takes, you need to find a way to get your body moving, and get your heart pumping. You might even find that you start to enjoy more details.

healthy body

Staying healthy does take some effort – you have to invest some time and money into ensuring that you are following a balanced diet, getting regular exercise and having regular health checks. But just remember, nothing is more important than your health.